Everything you know to be true if you work at Costa

The ability to make a perfect flat white is CV worthy

Coffee or Tea? Either way it's only by working as a Barista at one of the worlds best known coffee shops, do you realise how much they both mean to our population. You can guarantee working at Costa will enter you into a weird and wonderful world, from the most bizarre requests given by customers, to the perks of having coffee on tap.

"Would you like whole or skimmed milk?" Is the hardest question you will ever ask

"I'll have semi-skimmed please". No, semi-skimmed was not an option. It seems like this is the hardest question they have been asked and will never give you straightforward answer even when you have a big ass queue at the door. We don't want to know the health benefits/ problems behind milk, we just want you to make a decision.

This isn't Starbucks hun.

The constant reminder we have to give customers when they order a caramel macchiato and they expect some kind of latte with caramel on top. Little do they know here, a macchiato is an espresso with a blob of frothed milk; oh the disappointment on their face. Also, Tall, Grande and Venti mean nothing to us, we will always correct them to Primo, Medio, Massimo.

Marshmallows and flakes get you through your shift

There's no hiding it, we all do it. Sneaking a marshmallow here and there throughout your shift is definitely acceptable and no one will judge you. You can almost guarantee as soon as you do it the rest of the team will follow. Oh, and a flake here and there won't matter too.

Badges mean everything to you

Badges in Costa are a sign of qualification and success, therefore we all feel like the absolute boss when we receive a new one. We know who is superior here by the amount of badges that consume our collars and lanyards. I swear Costa is the only place where badges make you feel like a fucking don.

Jealousy is a bitch

We can all admit that we all get very jealous when that one team member makes a perfect flat white every time and no matter how hard you try theirs will always be better. Don't worry, no one can take your flat white badge away from you, I know it's your pride and joy.

When you get obsessed with practicing in order for it to be perfect

When you get obsessed with practicing in order for it to be perfect

Taking home waste at the end of the shift is lit

Despite how you may feel about the fact Costa wastes a major amount of food, you know you get to take it home at the end of a shift so…

F.Y.I, your family love you for this especially when cake is part of the doggy bag too.

Coffee on tap

Working as a Barista can make you quite an envious person, especially if you love coffee just as much as the people you're making it for. No stress, Costa understand you and have your back.. enjoy any hot drink on tap throughout your shift (if you get to drink it before it goes cold that it is).

They also give you the best prizes when you up-sell paradise

They also give you the best prizes when you up-sell paradise

Those that think you're thick and they're smart

Those that bring back their half empty cup and claim you made the mistake because it's 'too cold'. You made it for them half hour ago and watched them sip and chat at mum club while they sit back feeling smug. I may be a Barista but it doesn't take Einstein to know what you're doing babe.

"Roses really smell like poo-oooo"

Don't be alarmed when you get home and a few days after your hands still have the stale smell of coffee because it NEVER goes away and the smell never gets any better. Yep Baristas stink.

Bain of your life = Forstinos and Christmas drinks

The faff that goes on in order for these drinks to be 'brand standard' will be the new bane of your life. On a daily basis you want to kill the hundreds of kids all wanting the Belgian chocolate frostino or the Black Forest hot chocolate. Not today thanks.

Coffee is very precious to our customers

No matter how good of a barista you are, you can guarantee your customer will repeat their drink until it is drilled into your brain and watch you like a hawk as you make it. 'Don't forget to give it a little stir before you serve it to me'.

No matter what, Costa is a family

Despite Baristas being envious of the Maestros you all share a sense of family and love. Whether you love or loathe your customers; they have taught you everything you've ever needed to know about the secrets of coffee drinkers and preferences.

Team work is essential in order to produce perfection in a cup

Team work is essential in order to produce perfection in a cup