Ski trip goers lose deposits over ‘highest damages that have ever occurred’

Brookes Snow will not be allowed back to the resort

An email has been sent to everyone who attended this year’s ski trip detailing they would be losing out on a substantial amount of their deposit after causing damage which required “weeks and weeks worth of work” to repair.

Investigations are underway to identify specific groups of people from the Les Arcs trip who caused the most damages during the notorious week. The resort have ensured legal action will be taken.

Brookes Snow are known for their wild socials and trips, and even lost their funding from the university in 2015, however this year they’ve outdone themselves by causing some of the “highest damages that have ever occurred during one week in one resort”.

Wasteland Ski, who organise Brookes ski trips, have been working hard to try and reduce the fines so that students get back the most of their deposit.

Wasteland told The Tab: “We know and understand that not all attendees of our trips are guilty, the amount of damage and resort complains across the board about people’s behaviour is unprecedented and we have had to work incredibly hard alongside the resorts to retain our resort relations.”

The Mayor, the police, and fire service in Les Arcs have all issued fines to the group, and there is even a charge for the unnecessary use of the emergency services.

Brookes Snow may have taken their mantra “ski hard and party harder” a tad far this time.

A snippet from the email

Around 500 people attended the trip and all of them have received a mandatory fine of £13 to cover the damages, as the investigations have not yet been successful.

Most members of Snow are confused by the charges. One member of Brookes Snow said: “It’s grossly unfair that I have to pay charges for somebody else being a dick.”

Another said: “I mean the group was really rowdy, but I don’t know much about all the damage that they were on about.”

Despite the actions of the society this January, Brookes Snow are going ahead with a second trip this Easter, hopefully this resort won’t suffer the same fate.

Brookes Snow refused to comment.