I’m American, but I’m not responsible for Trump

I’m just as ashamed as y’all are

No one ever thought it would happen; Donald. J. Trump, a racist, misogynistic, under qualified man take the White House? Over Hillary Rodham Clinton, a qualified, albeit ‘crooked’ woman, who would be the first female President of the United States (not to mention that she would follow the first black President)?


My roots stem from Alabama, Sweet Home Alabama. That’s right, where the skies are so blue and in Birmingham they love the Governor. No, this does not mean I am inbred or eat copious quantities of grits (google it), and it certainly doesn’t mean I am a Trump supporter. My friends may be embarrassed by my heritage (but I bet it won’t stop you coming round for chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and syrup?!) and that’t fine.

Trump can’t take this away.

America has given us some greats, from waffles with every topping to irreplaceable people – The King of Rock and Roll, Robert De Niro, Abraham Lincoln, but now…Trump. I’m proud of where I come from, that’s no secret. So Wednesday morning after the election I was of course greeted with more than a few questions; “Why did your family vote Trump?” “How could this happen?” “Are you embarrassed?”, and sideways glances as it became apparent I am from a Trump supporting state.

Classic ‘Bama

This set in motion a series of explanations and apologies (spoiler: it’s not my fault). One friend even asked: “How could the women in your family vote Trump? Do they want to be grabbed by the pussy?”, hell no, they don’t want to be grabbed by Trump, or any uninvited person for a matter of fact. Admitting that yes, some members voted Trump, hard. Even harder? Explaining that this in no way means that those that did are uneducated, racist, hicks. They are welcoming, humble, considerate people (and damn they can cook)! Having to explain this and get the message across is at the top of no one’s Bucket List.


Trying to convey that a vote for Trump was more of a vote against the establishment, and politicians continuing to act with no consequences is often met with sighs and head shaking, that to be honest, I understand. Am I embarrassed of my family? No. I don’t think that a vote changes a persons actions, especially when you have known them your whole life. Am I embarrassed about Trump winning? Yes, how anyone can think he is at all qualified to run the country with his vulgar behaviour and attitude towards different communities is beyond me.  Thanksgiving could be a tense time, if politics makes its way onto our table, but we have never been a political family, why let an orange man with tiny hands change that?

America is a wonderful place, full of incredible food, stunning National Parks, endless road trips, fascinating people and countless adventures. Even with an idiot running the place, I hope all this is safe (who has time to build a bloody wall anyway?).