Complaints regarding noise from Brookes students on the rise

We could face disciplinary action

East Oxford residents are speaking up about the amount of noise Brookes students are making during nights out.

We are fuelling some “extremely serious concerns about unacceptable noise and disruption” according to a letter sent out by our Head of Community Engagement at Oxford Brookes, Andrea Siret.


Just as creased as we are right now

The letter sent out states: “The university takes its responsibilities as a neighbour within the community very seriously.

“All students at Oxford Brookes University accept, as a condition of enrolment, that they will not act in a way that brings the university into disrepute.

“This includes students living in private-rented accommodation.”

Oxford City Council set a 3,000 person limit for students living in private accommodation for both the Oxford Universities.

But 3,747 students from Brookes were living in private accommodation last year, exceeding the limit.

Bar Crawl down Cowley, anyone?