We spoke to the Brookes students behind the Pablo’s charity night

Raising money for Movember with one of the most infamous moustaches around

Why not raise some money for Movember with a couple of VKs at the O2?

We spoke to James Massey and Jake Spooner, the brains behind Pablo’s, the night raising money for the movember foundation and pulling in big names like Chris Lorenzo.

Why are you doing it?

“I think with us, as we have done stuff together as well as working for other people, we wanted to set something up that we could not only do ourselves but give something to students that they would enjoy. And instead of having a commercial watered-down club night, we want to make something with value and create a performance all while raising money for charity.”

Why did you choose the Movember Foundation?

“Time wise, it works very well. It is a great cause and lots of people like to get involved with it. It also creates the link with Pablo Escobar, therefore creating a certain scene with a brand and everything we do with Pablo’s will link back to this night. We are trying to emphasise that it is not just another night, it will be cool and quirky and we are trying to introduce a new brand to Brookes.”


Is the guy on the left growing the beard for both of them?

How much are you hoping to raise?

“We are hoping to raise around £100. It is for charity, so I hope people do jump on that as it gives them more of an incentive. We are looking into doing stuff on the night to raise a bit more money also. It is worth bringing some money in for charity as well as making a great night for everyone to enjoy. Either way, we want to raise as much as possible.”

Why have you chosen to do it independently rather than through a repping company?

“The difference is, we both have done work for repping companies, and do not get us wrong there are some great companies in Oxford. But I think it was something that we both could do, create our own company and have some freedom to make something we wanted. Also it is great experience as we are business students so we can create our own project from scratch. We are going out and trying things for ourselves.”


100 VKs to the first person who guesses which guy is doing Movember?

What can we expect from the night?

“We have got our main headliner, Chris Lorenzo but we are also incorporating some of Oxford’s notorious and infamous DJs into our night. The Monday Night Bridge DJ will be there, the switch resident DJ and two Brookes’ students also.

“There will be something for everyone, so there is not just one trend and it can stretch out to everyone and hopefully bring some more people down to Cowley that do not usually go there. We are trying to create a new and different crowd that will go for a quirky and chilled out atmosphere with a lot of hype and adrenaline pumping.

“We want to create an atmosphere which our audience can help amplify and can be seen as more like a performance than a standard DJ set.

“We have got a few things lined up for 2017, Pablo’s will be continuing but we will have different themed nights and with different DJs and charities. We are looking to bring some big names down to the O2, so look out for that.”