Two third year Lacrosse boys have set up a crowdfunding page for tour

They want to go to Croatia

Two third years, Ewan Allman and Gav Morgan, have set up a crowdfunding page so that they can go on tour to Croatia in Easter with the Lacrosse team. We asked the boys how they were getting on with their campaign.


Why have you set up this page?

Ewan: In the capitalist world we live in, Oxford has ravished us of all drinking credits because as we all know “hydration never takes a holiday”, we however, would much like to take one!

Gav: In our Lacrosse group chat, which was lit at the time, I made a passing comment that if everyone gives me £20 I can go on tour. Most said they would do it and others suggested I should set up a crowdfunding page. It’s also our last year at Brookes and we wanted to go on tour for one last sesh.



How much do you need to raise?

Ewan: Tour is £350 each but we are trying to raise $1000 because we’re hoping for a big international investment. We were inspired by a man who raised £10,000 to make a potato salad. If the money gets raised but can’t go through the official ILoveTour company, we will have to drive there in Gav’s car, named Casper.

Have you been on previous tours?

Gav: Yes, when I went in first year I threw up over three people sat on the coach in front of me. I also woke to a friend receiving the most violent hand job I’ve ever seen, I rolled over and went back to sleep. Another friend of mine, threw a TV off the balcony, it was pretty rock and roll. All in all it was a pretty chilled out week, 8/10 would recommend.

Ewan: Yes, highlights from my previous tour, were going up to my room and walking into a fellow teammate passed out mid poo.


What are you going to do to thank people who donate?

Gav: We are going to send postcards to all people who donate, personalised poems to anyone who donates £10 and Ewan will send a “Belfie” to anyone who donates £20. If we don’t reach the amount, all donations will be returned.

How do you see this tour planning out?

Gav: Scurvy and another shit lid.

Ewan: Bevs, boys and banta, but most importantly a mohawk.

The boys are currently on $1 so if you wish to donate, click here.