There were six fire engines on Gipsy Lane campus last night

But there wasn’t actually a fire

A fire alarm was raised in the Clerici building last night because of a burnt out motor.

Six fire engines attended the scene on Gipsy Lane campus at 11:30pm last night.

Yik Yak was ablaze about all the fire engines, giving everyone something to talk about as they pre.


One Yaker counted eight at the height of the drama, even an undercover police car, but it was all pretty confusing as no one knew what was going on inside and there were no flames visible.

Crew manager Kevin Morgan told The Tab the drama was caused by a burnt out motor in the handling room.


There were six pumping appliances from different stations, but all that was needed was a couple of fire fighters to go in and the rest were left standing on Gipsy Lane.

He then added that no fire fighting actually took place. Don’t worry: all of our beloved books in JHB are still there and the fire alarm wasn’t even set off in the new building.