Welcome to Brookes, the best uni in Oxford and the world

Here’s what you need to know

Well done to all you new freshers who have been accepted in to our beautiful university. It’s a great place and definitely better than the other Oxford uni and arguably every single other one.

Here’s why:

All we do is win

All we do is win

Who needs building that look like hogwarts when we have a building that looks as glorious as this.


We’re more fun

Here we don’t discriminate against those who aren’t academic, we’ll accept you even if you have 3 Cs.

All our club nights are hosted by 2 companies that you will get to know very well during you time at Brookes. Both competing to out do each other ever week, which means they’re getting bigger and better every time.

i think shes drinking it wrong

Once you arrive you will soon learn that going out a Brookes isn’t an added extra it’s mandatory. You will quickly figure out the cheapest way to get messy on a Monday night.

Promoters will be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. But you can’t get rid of them as long as you want access to the best nights in Oxford and get the chance to meet this little legend.

We’re sporty

If you can get over your weekly hangovers quickly enough you might find time to join a society or sports club. If you join a sports team be prepared for stiff competitions and high standards.

Our rowing team is one of the best in the country, if you’re lucky you might meet a rower as they make their way in between gym sessions and lectures.


Their sacrifice is worth it though as they can not only beat other rowing teams now but also mother nature.

We’re smart

If you find time for it you might find yourself in a lecture every now and then. Obviously depending on the course you’re doing, those poor buggers in architecture and nursing are even harder to find than the rowers most days.

We are actually quite good at academics, despite what our neighbours think, with constant research going on and one massive confusing library in our new JHB Building.

Thanks to our open door policy we get the best range of people here from crazy drunks to legends like this.I'm pretty sure this is in the library somewhere

If this hasn’t got you excited enough about starting your uni life at Brookes, coming here will also give you the chance to write for The Tab Brookes.  #

We’re part of a student news network at 60 unis around the UK. You’ll get to write the biggest stories, for an audience of over 3 million students and get absolutely wrecked at our legendary socials.

how can you top Scotty T?

how can you top Scotty T?