Plush is the best nightclub in Oxford

It’s all about having a classic night

If you’ve never been to it, you may be wondering “what the bloody hell is Plush?”

But let me educate you. Plush is actually a gay club: the only gay nightclub in Oxford in fact.

Some of you may have absolutely no interest in going to Plush purely for it being labelled “gay”, but it’s about so much more than just this.

But really, there are are cornucopia of reasons you should be living it up in Plush on the reg.


Plush is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, so you know it is going to be busy every week, and there is nothing worse than an empty club.

You could happily go every week, and do it on the cheap too. Friday nights, known as “Skintier Fridays” at Plush, are some of the thriftiest nights out you’ll have in Oxford.

It’s free in before 10.30 (although it’s six quid after midnight), but on the upside, if you’re a student you only pay £3 tops.

And once you’re in the £1.50 Jaeger Bombs will make sure you are hammered in no time.


But probably one of the best things about Plush is how little everyone cares. Literally, nobody gives a shit.

Plush is a non-judgment zone. Nobody cares what sexual orientation you are – unless they are trying to pull you.

The people in there are just happy to be around a few more people like them and have finally found a place without stigma.


For the smokers out there the smoking area is probably one of the most sociable you will ever come across.

There’s no chance of ever having a lonely cigarette outside, scrolling through Facebook on your phone so you look like you have something to do. It’s so easy there to just talk to the person next to you and feel at ease.

Unlike the clubs you go to every week, like Bridge and Wahoo, Plush doesn’t close at 2am. Closing at 4am means their night can go past the painfully early bedtime you might have otherwise, and you have plenty of time to fully lose your dignity and make some regrettable life decisions.


And you’ve got more room to dance. The dancefloor is massive giving you plenty of space to throw some shapes, and like Bridge, they’ve got a dance pole.

And if you’re lucky, your very own pole dancer will show you the moves before you let yourself loose on it.

And then there’s the music. It’s all the stuff you really want to listen to and dance to, even if you won’t admit it to yourself.

Embrace your guilty pleasures: Your ears will be ringing with the sound of Drunk In Love and Shake It Off while you stumble home in the early hours of the morning.

And for any guys out there for whom a night out just isn’t a night out without pulling, you can still get lucky at Plush.

Shocking I know, but the average gay guy has plenty of straight girl friends who’ll go out with them most nights.

I’ve even managed to convert some of my straight mates to Plush already – one of them has even organised a separate night out there with some of his other straight mates because he loves the vibe so much.


As a disclaimer, it doesn’t make you gay just because you go to a gay club, it probably just means you have good taste in music and like to have a good night with your mates.

Get over it.