Girls’ nights in are better than lads’ nights out

Just admit it

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Nights out are great. There’s nothing better than going to pre-drinks with some of your best friends and dancing away in your favourite club.

For guys, it seems there are only two parts to a lads’ night – booze and birds. Pre-drinks are rowdy and messy and the night is never a success unless someone pulls.

When it comes to socialising, drinking and having a good time, girls definitely know best.

Chatting not chanting

Talking, gossiping and getting to know each other are how people have always made friends. But for guys, a couple of rowdy football chants on the U1 is the most you’ll hear them speak all week.

Student housing has burdened us girls with less space to sit and gossip but we make do.

we don't need to shout to be heard

we don’t need to shout to be heard

Dressing gown not dressing down

Boys have always had it easy when it comes to deciding what to wear for a night out. Its a choice of t-shirt or shirt, depending on the place and what jeans to wear, depending on if they’re clean or not.

For girls, deciding what to wear on a big night out is a minefield, a minefield that you can avoid with a good old fashioned night in.

Save yourself the hassle and stick with a stylish hoodie-jeans combo or dressing gown. It’s comfy, cosy and if the Dominoes delivery guy is the only person you will see, who cares what you’ve got on?

That's happiness in a box right there

That’s happiness in a box right there

Facemasks and manicures are also optional.

Face masks also optional

Eating not beating 

You’ve probably heard it on a weekly basis – guys have come in from a night out complaining of fights outside a club or getting chucked out by a grumpy bouncer.

Girls’ nights in would never have such violence, we simply sit and eat, resulting in being so stuffed you’re carried to bed by your girlfriends.

Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry

So while you stumble home like a neanderthal, shouting drunkenly with all your mates and trying to find that elusive keyhole, I’ll be tucked away inside, surrounded by friends and food.

Look how sophisticated this is

And it’s great knowing that when I wake up, I’ll be next to my best friend, not a neon-paint covered girl you’ve pulled the night before.