Girls versus guys: night style

Tab fashion writer Emily Housden examines what guys find attractive in girls outfits on a night out

So apparently I know nothing about what guys like, which is probably why I can’t flirt my way to a free drink to save my life.

This is what I typically wear on a night out. I am a sucker for a dark coloured lipstick and I think most of my ‘going-out’ wardrobe consists of crop tops and skinny jeans. Cute, girly dresses are a no-no for a night out.

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Meet Spiros, 19, Anthropology student. He is one of ‘those’ guys. Yep, the ones that can’t stop talking about and thinking about sex.

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Spiros chose some skinny jeans which ‘emphasized the bum’ (because apparently that’s really important!).

He wanted a top which ‘doesn’t show cleavage but shows the figure nicely’.

When I suggested a crop top Spiros looked at me mortified, apparently tummy on show is an absolute no-no (my first fatal mistake).

We settled with a lacy boob tube in the end as it was tight enough to show a figure but showed no tummy whatsoever we mainly settled on this because I didn’t own many tops which didn’t show any tummy).

Spiros, frankly didn’t give a “shit” about what shoes I wore because ‘guys don’t notice shoes’. Excellent.

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Meet Hilly, the Architecture Student. He looks like Proudlock from Made in Chelsea, enough said?

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Hilly chose exactly what I wouldn’t wear on a night out… a cute, girly denim dress.

He paired this dress with a big fluffy cardigan, I don’t think I could have been more girly if I tried. When it came to Hilly, the choice of shoes was vital.

“I judge people on what shoes they’re wearing”

Suddenly, I was very self-conscious about my scruffy selection of trainers…

Hilly finally settled on some black New Balances.

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The boys were fairly agreed on what make-up looks good on a girl. Spiros told me:

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Minimal is best


“Enough so she looks better, but not so much that you can really tell she’s wearing it”

Apparently, boys also don’t like lipstick, who knew? So my purple lipstick was definitely a no for the boys.

So minimal is better apparently, girls.

Basically, everything I thought about guys was completely wrong. I think I’ll dress how I like anyway because I personally think my sense of style is better than any guys, but that’s just me.