Emily Housden
Editor, The Tab Brookes

There was a Fuzzy Ducks funeral hosted by a Brookes society

The society is called ‘What Don’t We Do’

All the downsides of having a big backside

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

I’m a coeliac, and my disease is not a fitness fad

We were gluten free before it was cool

Why should only Nurses get bursaries?

It values their profession over teachers and doctors

All the people who you’ll have for group work this semester

If you don’t know any of them, you’re probably a no-show

Brookes spends less than the average household on Christmas decorations


Vote now: Who are the worst people in the JHB?

Obviously the table hoggers

More pictures released for cheerleaders’ naked calendar

And why they’re donating to Para Cheer International

American Footballers have a three match ban after sexist event description

It said: ‘You’ll get another chance ram your penis deep down a cheer leads throat’

Brookes’ fittest fresher: Do you have what it takes?

The battle to be Brookes’ most sought after bae begins

Second year takes broccoli to MNB and is now more popular than you

He doesn’t even like broccoli

I’m not easy just because I’m at Brookes

We don’t want a geek with no social skills anyway

Second year cyclist calls for compulsory helmets after terrifying collision

She was hit on St Clement’s

Spooning is Oxford’s favourite sex position

We just want to feel the love

Kind-hearted fresher invites homeless man to spend the night in Clive Booth

‘It was a strange but heartwarming experience’

Fresher thinks her new halls of residence are disgusting. She knows nothing

Mummy’s worried about how she’ll cope

Brookes is one of the best unis in the South East

We narrowly missed out on the top 50 in The Sunday Times Good University Guide

Clean Bandit are performing at Brookes freshers

There’s no place I’d rather be

Brookes freshers come home from interrailing after being pepper sprayed in the face

They were laughed at by the bouncer while screaming in pain on the floor

Small boobs are great, so why are people getting plastic surgery?

Try a push-up bra if you’re desperate

Former Brookes law student charged with murder

He’s accused of killing his prison custody officer

BNOC of the year 2015: Group 3

Coz they are legends

BNOC of the year 2015: Group 1

They’re reasonably important

Another Labour win for Oxford East

Small victories eh

Stop lying to yourself, you’re not clean and neither are your flatmates

Somehow you’re still alive

Cambridge grad marches on Downing Street to fight against the Tampon Tax

‘Seems like ovaries, the world over, are getting taxed’

Clive Booth’s beloved Londis given zero food hygiene rating

They were selling green potatoes

Live-streaming app Periscope is obsessed with the contents of your fridge

Watch the night before

The puppy room is finally here and it’s amazing

It’s everything we imagined and more

It’s not easy being a club promoter

There is no escape

Gentleman’s Fight Night reveals anticipated announcer

He fancies himself as a bit of a Vince McMahon

This 23-year-old Brookes drop-out is Wigan Athletic’s new chairman

What have you ever done

Oxford Brookes: 150th birthday mess up

It’s next year

The Brookes struggle: We will never be ‘Uni of’

The struggle is real

Pre-drinks are better than a night out

Does anyone here like alcohol

I’m allergic to pancakes

It ruined Tuesday for me

What to wear: Valentines style

T. L. N. D.

Scotty T on sex with students and Mr Blobby

Howay man

Brookes left devastated at cancellation of Bubble Football

‘Adverse weather conditions’ led to the heartbreaking decision

The smoking area is better than the club

You may increase your chances of getting cancer, but at least you’ll be having a mad one doing it

Stop bragging about what you got for Christmas

You smug prick

Tab Tries: A week on a vegan diet (kinda)

It was really hard and Hazlenut milk is awful

Girls versus guys: night style

Tab fashion writer Emily Housden examines what guys find attractive in girls outfits on a night out

Meet Amelia Watt, Brookes’ very own beauty queen

There are photos too

Layering up: How to look good in Autumn

It’s getting pretty chilly out there