Be a treat this Halloween and wear one of these eight not basic costumes

If you don’t want to be a devil for the fifth year in a row this list is for you

I thought going in the BED Mondays ball pit was the scariest thing you could do on a Monday but now Halloween has fallen on the first day of the week as well. This means a nonnegotiable full weekend bender is on the cards.

There is a fearful amount of parties, club nights and events happening on both days which means you’ll need at least two costumes.

We are all sick of scrolling online the day before the scary night, trying desperately to find a costume which isn’t the same as every single other Bristol student. The Bristol Tab is here to inspire your creative side and provide a list of eight non basic costume ideas for you to wear.

1.Effy from Skins 

Starting simple, this edgy icon is every Bristol girl’s dream. Pair with black eyeliner and achieve a Lakota ready look that will have your friends raiding every charity shop on Whiteladies with envy. 

2. Don’t worry darling

It’s about time you made that domestic dream with Harry Styles come true. Throw on a white dress with a splash of blood or even double up with a friend and re create the iconic pair from the movie. 

3. A BeReal notification

You’re one hundred percent lying if you say you don’t have a guilty pleasure for BeReal. And secondly if you actually use it properly and don’t wait until the point in the day where you’re no longer violently hungover in bed.

Some makeshift warning tape could make this a costume that will give all your friends a fright when you turn up as the notification that always gives them a shock.

4. Fuck, marry, kill 

Looks like you took the pre drinking games a little too seriously this year…Grab a couple of friends and dress as a bride, the Grim Reaper and then basically anything sexy. 

Be bold and ask your housemates if they agree with who is dressed as what. 

5. Las Vegas 

Las Vegas

Who said Gatsby could be the only glitzy option this halloween? Trade your pearls for a deck of cards and take a gamble with this costume. 

A fake gun, dollar bills and a lot of sparkles is all it takes to recreate the casino glam. Turn it into a group costume by joining up with a desert cowboy or Elvis tribute. 

6. Lady Bridgeton 

I think we can all agree that the amount of princess Halloween costumes outnumber any amount of lectures we’ve attended this year. Nevertheless, it would be a shame not to put that Amazon corset to use. 

7. Oujiboard 

Got to that point in the year where you’re wondering if your situation-ship is a yes or a no? Put your artistic skills to the test and let the spirits decide.

Warning: this costume requires advanced face painting talent and accurate alphabet knowledge.

8. Jason Donavan 

You can exceed the five pound card limit finally by buying a burrito blanket for this costume. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of Bristol’s finest icons. 

Bonus points if your best mate goes as garlic mayo. 

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