We spoke to Bristol Uni students about how they are feeling at the end of TB1

‘I am more ready than ever to go home’

Now we have hit the end of term, many students are really feeling the need for a break as it seems the repetitive cycle of partying, sleeping, and working only in their houses has caused students to feel demotivated and bored.

Term one has been full of varying restrictions on student’s social lives, with pub curfews, library restrictions and a national lockdown prohibiting them from living their normal uni lives.

The Bristol Tab spoke to some Bristol Uni students, who say that after such a tumultuous first term they are feeling well and truly burnt out.

“I felt less inclined to work”

Third year Anthropology student, Freya Moore told The Bristol Tab: “Everyone went home early because they were sick of being stuck in their uni houses, so the libraries were empty, so I felt less inclined to work.”

Freya also added she felt “worried” and “anxious”, and that she is experiencing this as she is in her final and third year of her degree.

“We are always stuck in the house which makes it demotivating to do work there”

Another third year Economics student, Sophie Davison explained: “Because we haven’t been able to go out as much and also students can only go to the library for a limited amount of hours per week, we are always stuck in the house which makes it demotivating to do work there.” Sophie further explained that “this demotivating feeling has worsened towards the Christmas break because it has been nearly three months of being stuck inside.”

During first term, students have faced non-stop restrictions on their social lives and library access. Having no opportunity to blow off some steam away from their Uni houses, students have had to use home as a chill space and a workspace, resulting into burning out sooner than thought.

“I do not like working in my house, nor do I like working my room”

“I can do my work whenever I please”

Second year International Business student, Kate Timperley felt slightly different to the other students and maintained that: “The lack of structure means I can do my work whenever I please and feel less pressure for deadlines but at the same time I am not motivated to actually do the work and complete my assignments”.

“I am more ready than ever to go home for the Christmas break”

First year English student, Emily Patel, was concerned as she is usually motivated and driven however has “lost a lot of motivation and became extremely fed up of being restricted to halls and the library”.

She added: “I am more ready than ever to go home for the Christmas break as I am feeling the pressure of the work load but I am also just bored in Bristol, so not actually finding the drive to complete my assignments.”

“The current climate has caused a slight dip in motivation”

Third year Management student, Archie Allen felt strongly that: “The current climate has caused a slight dip in motivation.” With Archie being based in London, which has just been plunged into Tier 4, he explains: “Knowing that I will be stuck in my house for the majority of the Christmas period has resulted into not having an urge to complete any assignments quickly.”

When Archie reflected on past Christmas holidays, he told the Bristol Uni Tab: “Usually the Christmas period is fun yet productive as I balance socialising and working however this year I just don’t feel motivated to get any work done and I’m certainly not in the Christmas spirit!”

If you are experiencing any mental health issues or high levels of stress, help is readily available for those that need it. A list of wellbeing services available to Bristol students can be found here.

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