New Domino’s to open in Stoke Bishop

Our pizza prayers have been answered

We’ve been on a bit of a low recently – We found out we’re no longer in the top 100 universities in the world and its exam season. There’s the dissertation stress, along with the no-smoking signs outside of the ASS library. The misfortune goes on. Some of us even read Nights at the Disco’ . 

But somehow, out of the blue, our luck just turned around. A complete 360 degrees, we’ve just been blessed by the best news since Beacon House. Prepare yourselves for the best news update ever.

It’s what all freshers dreamed of:

Domino’s is coming to Stoke Bishop. 


We’re all rejoicing, crying tears of happiness, blowing the dust off our freshers collection deal vouchers…

Hallelujah, our prayers have truly been answered.

On top of this unbelievably wonderful news, they’re also giving out free pizzas!

For us first years, its all coming to an end. Yet, I can feel a sense of joy for the new freshers who, come this September, won’t know how fortunate they truly are. Wow, I hate them already.

On a plus side, if this doesn’t bring up our student satisfaction – nothing will.

Long Live Briz.