Livi Brooks-McLaughlin

Best Dressed in Stoke Bishop this week

The best of a bad bunch tbh

No matter how old you are, you’ll never forget how tragic Moo Moos Cheltenham was

And their faux-chandeliers

I’m calling it, Donald Trump is going to win

I really want to be wrong

Tequila is the drink of winners

¬°Arriba Arriba!

Bristol’s Economics Society break world record

EFM are fucking cool.

Dear my abuser: A poem to the man who made my life hell

You stole more from me than just my body

Bristol Economics Society prepare to break world record

They’re putting themselves on the map

How to be a stereotypical Bristol student

Drugs, rollies and wavey garms.

RIP Lucy Watson. Made in Chelsea is doomed now the Queen has gone forever

The show is officially dead

RIP Lucy Watson. Made in Chelsea is doomed now the Queen has gone forever

The show is officially dead

Freshers will have to attend a Sexual Consent, Drugs, and Alcohol Workshop

Triple Trouble

How I learned to love my body

‘I say things about my body that I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy’

New Domino’s to open in Stoke Bishop

Our pizza prayers have been answered

League tables are useless, only reputation matters

Student satisfaction counts for nothing when you’re applying for a job

It’s time to realise that the US is officially doomed

Two words: Donald Trump.

How to get ‘posh girl hair’

Get the look everyone is after

It’s time to call bullshit on pointless uni league tables

They really don’t matter

If you have ever been trapped by a man, you might know how Kesha feels

‘To this day, I refuse to hear his name. It gives me chills’

The struggles you face when you’re a blatant bitch

Sorry about the resting bitch face

New Year’s Eve is the worst night of the year

Nothing you do can stop it from being terrible

Let’s all start wearing backpacks when we go clubbing

I’ve seen the future

You’re wrong if you think Uggs aren’t cool

They’re fly af

Wills’ ‘Bond Night’ shuts down early after someone steals a laser tag gun

Residents were made to wait in the cold while their rooms were searched

Being pale is the bane of my life

No I’m not ill, it’s just my aesthetic

Don’t believe the myths: US colleges have nothing on our unis

There’s no place I’d rather be

There’s no such thing as a ‘complicated’ relationship

You’re not 15 anymore

If other girls hate you, then this is probably why

Let’s face it, it’s probably because you’re too fit

Don’t hate me because I’m in Wills

We didn’t all go to private school

Bae is important to you. But they need to be ditched before uni starts

It’s the only way you’ll be able to have fun