How to pull off flats on a night out

Because heels aren’t worth the blisters

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At a modest five foot five inches, heels were once my go-to-shoe for a night out on the town.

But all this changed last year when I started university, and it was no longer cool to slip on a slinky pair of stilettos. Suddenly it was all about Stan Smiths and Converse, and the famously hilly city of Bristol forced me to make some serious adjustments to my clubbing wardrobe.

Flats crew

While heels can give you confidence, they’re absolutely useless when it comes to a good skank, or walking home at 5am, or trying to have a good night in general without any pain. For the first time in a long time, flats have finally got the recognition they deserve in the fashion world. 

Even Victoria Beckham, who once said she “beyond hated” ballet pumps, has included them in her recent collection. And with celebs like Olivia Palermo opting for comfort over an extra five inches, it’s time we embraced the revolution too.

Fashion guru Bianca London is praising the versatility of flats, and reckons they can be paired with any outfit and still create a fashion forward look. She told The Tab: “There may well have long been a taboo about how flats can’t be flattering, but with the right trouser leg length or skirt length, this can actually be an incredibly versatile shoe and make anybody’s legs look longer.”

Don’t stress


Flats require minimal effort, cause minimal pain and are a safe bet for any stylish ensemble. This simple yet elegant look, put together by fashion blogger Kayley Anne Jones, “is perfect for an intimate meal or even a night out with the girls”.

She said: “The pointed toe gives the flats a more sophisticated look, and pairing with pieces that hug the figure help compliment this. Add lots of statement jewels and a matching clutch to help glam up what was lost from ditching the stilettos.”

For more flats inspiration, check out fashion it girls Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne, who often choose pumps over killer heels.

Have fun

Flats are fun

Flats don’t have to be boring. In fact, girls who wear trainers can party harder than those in heels. Trainers are an incredibly versatile option and can make an edgy addition to your evening outfit.

Fashion Blogger Layla Panam said: “Trainers can be styled in so many ways, but the most common ways I wear them on a night are either with high-waisted jeans or a simplistic dress.”

In trainers, still looking fit

You’ll save money

As poor students, we’d be mad not embrace flats. You don’t have to worry about crippling your feet before you’ve even left your house, and you can walk home instead of getting a taxi to save your poor feet.

Safe in the knowledge you can put an extra £5 behind the bar instead of on a taxi

Make it match

If you go for sandals, ballet pumps, loafers, trainers or boots, make sure they match your outfit. Like you would with heels, pick some flats which compliment your outfit, rather than just shoving anything on.

An easy way to co-ordinate is with accessories, as blogger Beth Norton suggests: “A matching bag will ensure your flats don’t look unusual on a night out.”

Black to black

Keep it classy by matching your bag and sandals

Beth’s Grecian outfit is brought together by the matching brown leather bag and sandals, giving the look a polished finish. Matching pieces add more glamour than any heels ever could, and this ensemble is perfect for those classier occasions like drinks with friends or meals out.