Bristol one of the top 100 unis in the world

UWE didn’t quite make the cut

In great news for fans of league tables, Bristol uni made it into a Times Higher Education list of the one hundred most reputable universities in the world.

The notorious list-peddlers placed Bristol in the 91-100 bracket, based on the views of tens of thousands of academics worldwide asked in an invite-only survey to subjectively assess “the most powerful university brands.”

Go suck it, University of Maryland

Up there with all the big names in global academia

We were one of 12 UK universities to appear on the list, alongside (though below) such big names as UCL, Durham, Warwick and Edinburgh. Other well-known candidates Exeter, Birmingham and Liverpool didn’t make the cut.

A smug Bristol spokesman told The Tab: “The survey, which reflects the views of 10,500 senior academics from 142 countries, reinforces Bristol’s reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious universities.”

Well I bet UCL doesn't have a fuck-off big memorial building, does it?

Well I bet UCL doesn’t have a fuck-off big memorial building, does it?

Fans of pointless lists which only reinforce what everyone already knows will be glad to hear this is merely a spin off of the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, which is based on actual data rather than personal opinion. They can look forward to its publication later this year.

First year Engineer Harry said of the rankings: “UCL came a full 80 places higher than Bristol. I knew I should have accepted their offer.”

“The fact that Oxford and Cambridge came second and third just makes me even more bitter I didn’t make it past the interview stage.”