Wills is the worst hall in Bristol

Don’t blame us, we weren’t the ones who voted

The results are in.

In a poll that will forever go down in history as “another poll on the Tab”, the people have voted in their thousands and decided the title of the worst halls in Bristol apparently belongs to Wills.

This is despite Wills arguably having the best facilities of any halls. We can only assume a lot of people are bitter.

Incredibly, Wills’s closest competition for the unwanted crown was: “You forgot to mention my hall and now I’m annoyed”.

Guys, if we didn’t mention you, it’s only because nobody even knows your hall exists.

The Gryffindorks in all their glory

The Gryffindorks at Wills in all their glory

The coronation of Wills as the absolute worst confused many, and not just people who live there.

Second year Claudio Gig said: “It’s surprising, they’ve definitely got the best facilities.

“Whenever I’ve been there it seems pretty nice’.

The result is likely due to Wills’s negative reputation. Many outsiders believe it is solely inhabited by top-hat wearing ex-Etonians sipping daiquiris atop a mountain of blood diamonds balanced on the backs of a thousand foreign cleaning staff.

Where are the blood diamonds guys?

Where are the blood diamonds guys?

As we said before, whether there is any truth to the rumours doesn’t actually matter.

The stigma that surrounds Wills Hall is built into its foundations and will probably exist forever, even if its residents take a leaf from the book of University Hall and start framing and hanging their passed sexual health tests like certificates.