It’s official: Bristol better than Warwick and Durham

Bristol place 30th in world uni rankings


It’s official! Bristol is (almost) the best British university for Oxbridge rejects, according to the QS world university rankings for 2013/2014.

Though we haven’t come anywhere near the ivory towers themselves, Bristol has blown other high-density Oxbridge reject universities out of the water, and come in at a very respectable 30th place.

Officially better than the poms

Officially better than the poms

Warwick and LSE, who tend to top the British league tables, ranked tens of places below, coming in at 64 and 68 respectively.

Meanwhile, Durham limped into 90th position, and Bath entered at a frankly embarrassing 187th.

The yanks snatched the six of the top ten spots, with first place going MIT for the second year running, and Harvard placing at number two.

As for the British unis that are apparently better than us, Cambridge finished third, while Oxford slipped behind UCL and Imperial to take sixth place.

QS rankings 2013/2014