Stoke Bishop goes offline

Break in cables at Hiatt Baker means no internet for anyone in halls

The internet in Stoke Bishop halls has gone down in a big way.

University IT Services are reporting that “network connections between Stoke Bishop halls back to the main campus have been cut”.

They say they are working with contractors to fix the break, but repairs could take some time. It could be as late as 7pm before connections are restored.

The ‘fibre runs’ that connect Stoke Bishop halls with the main university buildings have been cut. The break happened in the middle of the Hiatt Baker building site.

The following services are currently unavailable in all Stoke Bishop halls:

• ResNet Wired internet access
• ResNet Wireless internet access
• Eduroam
• UOB telephones
• Halls Admin connections

So if you’re reading this, you must have good 3G signal – or 4G if you’re in Wills. (Or, of course, you’re at home, but that kind of ruins the joke.)