Tab Tries: Archery

Michael Hindmarsh (attempts to) pay homage to Lord of the Rings with the new Archery Club

After my performance in this taster session at the Kingsdown Sports Centre, I think it’s safe to say that if I ever went to battle in Mordor I’d probably be executed by my own army for abysmal archery.

With the appalling accuracy I always demonstrated in tennis and badminton at school, I was a bit worried this might turn into a ‘Tab Tries: Murder’ feature.

Point it that way, and aim for the round thing…

Having learned some of the people present had once been tipped to be future Olympians, some of whom had actually brought their own bows, I was a bit intimidated to say the least.

Fortunately, some top coaching from Nigel Packwood of Black Cat Archery ensured I did slightly better than expected. Somehow I managed to avoid killing anybody and even hit the target, with one arrow somehow landing fairly near the centre.

More likely to wound my enemy than kill them

Most of my attempts, however, were pretty poor, proving Frodo was definitely fortunate to have had Legolas on his side instead of me.

Set up by Rebecca Packwood, the new Archery Society enjoyed a decent turnout at this ‘have a go’ session and will be releasing details about further events on their Facebook page shortly.