What Does Healthy Living Look Like?

University photography competition gives students chance to win Olympus SZ-14 camera

A competition to promote healthy living is looking for Bristol students to send in a ‘Picture of Health’ with the winner getting a brand new camera.

The winning entry, which will be chosen by a panel of judges including The Tab‘s photo editor, will receive an Olympus SZ-14 camera, whilst runners-up can win photography lessons and vegetable boxes.

The competition, led by the SEH Healthy Lifestyle Manager John Wilford, hopes to promote good health and well-being by encouraging students to think about what it means to them to be healthy.

The rules for the competition state the picture can be of almost anything: “where they live, work and play; what they like (or would like) to do to be healthy and well; what health and wellbeing looks or feels like to them”.

Expert photography skills aren’t needed, with photos from all types of camera being accepted, from iPhones to Polaroids. That said, technical merit will be considered in deciding a winner, though Wilford stresses originality and creativity are more important features.

Here’s The Tab‘s own (quite frankly, shocking) attempt at winning the prize. Luckily for you, it shouldn’t take much to do better than this. Happy Snapping!

The competition runs until the end of February. For more information on how to enter, check the competition website.