Craig O'Callaghan

Craig O'Callaghan


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Even arts students admit they have no future

They agree science is a more ‘future-proof’ degree than reading Shakespeare for three years

‘Free education’ protesters occupy Frenchay campus lecture theatre

Lectures will go ahead as planned

What does your really standard Halloween costume say about you?

It’s an arms race

Trent student’s hilarious graduation fall shows why you should always wear sensible shoes

She must be wishing she’d worn flats instead

Man who swallowed two goldfish for NekNomination video fined £800

Although the goldfish survived his NekNominate stunt, a Lowestoft man has been fined and banned from keeping any animals for a year

Striptease lecturer at Leeds Met let off with a slap on the wrist

Dr Ian Lamond has been let off with a warning after stripping for 200 students in an events management lecture

Ever had the sudden urge to do something totally horrible? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal

Why inexplicably thinking dark thoughts actually means you’re perfectly sane

Here come the gulls: angry seagulls attack terrified animal-loving student

Seagulls ‘dive-bombed’ Shannon Harris, leaving her with large, bloody cut on the top of her head

Not out: England coach defends bad boy Ballance’s drunken antics after Tab scoop

Peter Moores issues statement reminding England’s number three batsman of his ‘responsibilities’

Fleshing out the syllabus: Leeds Met lecturer strips to his underwear in front of freshers

Students left bemused and confused as lecturer performs bizarre striptease for his class

Is your student union offering value for money?

Tab league table assessing SU costs against student satisfaction puts Liverpool bottom, while UEA are on top

Matched betting: the ‘risk-free’ system that can make you hundreds of pounds

It’s the easiest way to earn money we’ve ever heard of, but does it really work?

12 terrible BuzzFeed Community posts that will make you cringe

One big argument against “citizen journalism”

The Tab guide to Glastonbury 2015

We’ve got absolutely everything you need to know ahead of going to the UK’s biggest festival next week.

Video: Oxford students talk about all the porn they’ve been watching

Students interviewed about their porn habits revealed to be just as naughty as you

By the hammer of Thor! Avengers stars spotted on campus

Hollywood heroes have been on campus filming scenes for the upcoming Avengers sequel

You have to be a moron to go to Carnage

We’ve long believed it about the popular bar crawl but after four Cardiff girls beat up a homeless person, we guess it’s official: the only people who like Carnage are twats

Yet another brilliant student music video: Medics make a song and dance out of how tough their degree is

Leeds Medic Council have either produced one of the cultural highlights of the decade or a desperate cautionary tale. We’ll let you decide which.

Celebrating 4/20 in style: how to observe the biggest date in a weed smoker’s calendar

Every stoner’s favourite holiday falls on Easter Sunday this year, so you can light up a fat one and munch on some Easter eggs!

They Tried To Make Me Eat At Rehab, I Said No, No, No

No forking around at this nightclub!

BNOC Of The Year: Group Four

Who will join Hannah, Nicky and Spotted in the semis?

BNOC Of The Year: Group Three

Another round of BNOCs battle for your vote

BNOC Of The Year: Group Two

You nominated them. Now it’s time to vote for them.

Find Them In Da Club

In a new weekly feature we pick out our favourite nightclub pics. Warning: Contains drunk students

How to celebrate 4/20

Time to pass the joint: every stoner’s favourite day of the year is here again