Beauty on a Budget: Facial

Our latest budget Fashion tip gets you a free facial which is just out of this world!

beauty on a budget destination skin martha cliff

Destination Skin is offering everyone a free facial!

I’m a facial virgin.

I’ve never seen the point in paying for something that you can do for yourself at home, and until recently I thought a facial was one of those things. Just whack on one of those ‘Montaigne Jeunesse’ face packs and job’s a good’un?

Well, a trip to Destination Skin changed the mind of this cynic!

Facials, as it turns out, are very expensive, and as this feature is called ‘Beauty on a Budget’ I try to limit costs to below 20 quid. However, this facial doesn’t exist.

Who would have known that one of the most upmarket skin specialists out there, Destination Skin, would come to my rescue?  After hours trawling Bristol’s spa offerings I came across a voucher from their store promising me a free consultation and mini facial.

Arriving at the venue I immediately got that ‘too good to be true’ feeling. It was super posh and no one in the waiting room (yes, there was a waiting room) was under the age of 30.

I was given the mammoth task of filling out a form explaining allergies, recent pregnancies yada yada yada, which was probably the longest form I’ve ever had to fill out. I was beginning to feel like my facial was slipping through my fingers.

When I was eventually done with paperwork, I was led to this little zen-like room by a lady who had such a posh accent her name must have been something like Lucinda. She then proceeded with my facial apologising that it would only last half an hour.

I didn’t mention that some places in Bristol were charging £40 for an express 30 minute facial.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about facials. I felt like I’d died and gone to a heaven where my face was being kissed by a hundred cherubs.

She polished and buffed and massaged and ex-foliated and cleansed until the cows came home, or until my voucher expired.

You do lose all of your make up in the process but I honestly couldn’t have cared less as my skin looked as though it had been airbrushed.

Now the moment of truth: the bill. Surely I wasn’t going to get off payment free?

But to my surprise no questions were asked. I was free to go. They didn’t even bother with the traditional awkward salon speech of ‘any future bookings?’ or ‘are you interested in our range of products?’ It was the perfect crime.

I have to say I am a very happy customer and I would like to give Destination Skin 5 stars as, apart from the long form,  I couldn’t fault the place and when you’re not paying for a £50 treatment, who complains?

Just remember your voucher! Offer expires 3rd December 2012.