UWE Confessions Targeted By Uni

UWE students must keep secrets to themselves after Confessions page is threatened by the university

UWE has threatened the anonymous students behind the UWE Confessions page with disciplinary action if they refuse to take the page down.

Although people continue to follow the page, there has been little activity for the last week

A statement from the university, posted on Facebook, warned that “the content of the postings below is in breach of the University’s Student Conduct Policy which clearly states it is a disciplinary offence to engage in behaviour which could bring the University into disrepute”.

So far, the page is still online but has been inactive since last Thursday, suggesting that UWE’s attempts to gag the shocking Facebook page, which has over 3,500 likes, have been successful.

UWE’s official statement has prompted bemused reactions

It is thought that the university’s attention was drawn to the page after some students formally complained. Unlike other Confessions pages, the UWE one has been notorious for people naming and shaming those responsible for the supposedly anonymous statements.

Naming And Shaming: Typical behaviour on the UWE page

The university followed their initial statement requesting the page to be closed with another, attempting to dissuade students from sending their confessions in.

They claim that those behind the page “may use your stories and knowledge of your identity against you in the future”, despite no evidence of this being true.

Similar statements have been released at universities across the country, though most Confessions pages, including the Bristol Uni one, are still going strong. A recent post on the Leeds Uni page went viral, attracting a whopping 700 likes.

Should UWE students still feel the need to confess, The Tab would like to offer its comments section below as a safe haven. Fire away guys and girls!