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Summer Ball 2018’s best dressed: THE FINAL RESULT

Bournemouth you’ve outdone yourself

You submitted your outfits, entered the competition and voted for your favourite costumes of this year's BU Summer Ball and now The Tab Bournemouth can deliver the results.

It was a close call this year due to all of your amazing costumes, so well done to everyone who took part in this years competition.

Third place

With 7.24% of the votes, third place went to the group dressed as Toy Story.

Second place

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In second place with 20.24% of the votes was Her Majesty the Queen and her Royal Guards.


This year's winners of BU Summer Ball 2018's best dressed goes to the girls dressed as your favourite nights out in Bournemouth. With 30.46% of the votes, they completely destroyed the opposition, so they deserve it!

The girls dressed up as Halo Monday, Toast Tuesday, Cameo Wednesday, Lost Thursday, Lollipop Friday, O2 Saturday and Snakebite Sunday. We're here for it. Well done gals.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's competition and to those of you who voted. For more articles please be sure to give The Tab Bournemouth's Facebook page a like.