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Revealed: This is what actually happens when you’re caught with drugs at BU

Students got off lighter for Class As than Bs

It's no secret that students are taking drugs, but some are taking these onto campus and getting caught in the act.

The Tab Bournemouth proved this when we swabbed campus for cocaine and every result came back positive.

The Tab Bournemouth can now exclusively reveal what punishments students get for possession on campus, from new data covering the last two years.

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A blue swab = someone's been up to no good

Seven cases of drugs on campus were recorded by BU between 2016-2018, varying from possession of Class B to intent to supply.

2016 saw three cases of possession on uni grounds, two of which were Class Bs, and one unknown substance.

The uni decided to take a different approach to the pair of cases – one student was evicted from their accommodation and given a warning, the other given a written warning and a disciplinary.

The one case of Class A possession in 2017 was treated with a warning.

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All recorded cases in the last two years

In all recorded cases, only one student was referred to any type of student support, with warnings and disciplinary action being the normal go-to.

Bournemouth University does have a strict drugs policy, which indicates matters are handed over to the police, and the uni may take additional action. The policy states:

"[We may] take disciplinary action and/or treat the matter as a serious
breach of the Student's Licence, which may lead to that agreement
being terminated."

The Tab are currently running an anonymous survey nationwide to study changing drug habits at unis all over the UK. Tell us your experiences here.