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Take The Tab’s Drugs Survey 2018

We won’t tell your mum

Obviously students are taking drugs, but the details of what, when, and why are often left to stereotypes.

Every year The Tab runs a totally anonymous survey of over 10,000 students to measure how drug habits are changing. They tell us who is doing what, how much and where. They spot drug use trends at universities across the country.

Alongside the regular substances students use on nights out, they're also using Xanax more and more. It's available online, but the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Are Modafinil, Ritalin, and other study drugs common on campus among stressed students trying to save their 2:1s?

Please take our quick survey below. It is completely anonymous and if you choose to leave your email we will get in touch with you privately. We won't publish anyone's stories or identify anyone without permission.