PICTURED: An exclusive look inside the all-new, refurbished Cameo main room

The relaunch party is on Friday

In the last few weeks, it's been pretty clear that Cameo main room has been having a bit of a face lift. But now, the £500,000 refurb is all done and The Tab Bournemouth can exclusively share with you the pictures!

The revamp is all ready for Friday night, when the club are holding a relaunch party with none other than Marvin Humes as the DJ.

But we know you can't wait till then to see what it looks like inside, so here you are.

Take a seat, it's a good one.

The whole room and the dance floor

There's no more carpets to be seen, and the whole room has a fresh, modern wood feel.

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Looking in from the doors by MyU

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The photo booth is still in pride of place

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The brand new booths

There's new booths throughout the whole room – some around the dance floor and some to the side of the main bar, where there were booths before.

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By the main bar

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There's new circular booths all around the dance floor

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The exclusive box

We told you how there were plans for an exclusive box where the second bar used to be. This has seating for 20-40 people, and is perfect for varsity night outs.

Image may contain: Lighting, Furniture, Chair, Book, Suitcase, LuggageImage may contain: Lighting, Sink, Suitcase, Luggage

There's a smaller bar there just to serve people in the box

A whole new bar!


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It's by the doors down to basement

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The main bar

I don't remember it being this big? It's brighter, and the brick wall drinks display is just stunning.

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The toilets


The men's

Look at all that room

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The women's

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I don't know about you, but I can't wait to christen it.

Tickets are still available for the relaunch party here.

Cameo Wednesday will still go ahead as normal tonight.