A student-friendly guide about why UoB staff are striking this week and next

UCU released a student-friendly guide about the strikes to help educate students

Most students will be aware by now, that starting from tomorrow (November 24th) there will be a three day period of university staff striking.

The strikes will be held on the 24th, 25th and 30th, as arranged by the University and College Union (UCU).

Many students are aware about the strikes as it affects their learning, however many less are fully aware about the reasons why university staff all over the country are striking.

At the beginning of this week The Birmingham branch of the UCU tweeted out a student-friendly guide to explain why staff are striking.

Here are the key points:

The reason why staff will be striking is due to inequality, casulisation, their workload and the fact their pay rises are below inflation.

In a UCU survey it was found 4 out of 5 staff working in universities are struggling with their workload. In the same survey it was found that 86% of staff have been direct to mental health support due to their workload pressure.

University staff taking part in the strikes have 4 main aims: equality, job security, manageable work loads and fair pay.

The UCU have also given tips to students, who support the strikes and their causes/aim, on what they can do. Students can make their voice heard by contacting senior management and urging them to engage in negotiations with the UCU. Students can also let staff know they support them and can join in with local pickets. The University of Birmingham will have picket lines at the North Gate on the days of strikes.

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