Liz Truss visits Selly Oak amid cost-of-living crisis

Liz Truss visited Selly Oak and neglected to address student needs for government support.

Prime Minister Liz Truss visited the Birmingham Health Innovation Centre on the 4th of October in Selly Oak Birmingham, after previously cancelling her visitation and press conference for the 3rd of October. While on her visit Truss addressed the press on the cost-of-living crisis and the question of cuts to benefits.

Truss commented, “We have… made sure that the most vulnerable households have an extra 1200 pounds and this government will always help people get on in life whilst making sure the most vulnerable are protected.”

The Birmingham Health Innovation Centre, as stated by Professor Tim Jones, “will leverage the existing integrated BHP ecosystem to drive innovation and economic growth.” Truss further reiterated during her interview that the intention of her visit was to show support for the growth of the British economy.

The Birmingham health innovation Centre is partnered with the University of Birmingham, which is a mere three miles from the site Truss visited. However, Truss did not visit nor did she address any questions from the students at the University of Birmingham.

The National Student Accommodation Survey, carried out by Save the Student, found that ‘despite the government’s support package to help those with rising energy costs, it has failed to take into account a vast number of student’s living conditions.’

As money is stretched further and prices continue to increase, it is within reason to question why students have not been considered as “vulnerable” members of society by Truss. Many students do not have a regular source of income and without any further help from the government, students may be increasingly at risk of falling short on their bill payments.

One student from the University of Birmingham vented their frustrations on the confessional Facebook page, Brumfess, by stating “Why are students being left out of all these cost-of-living payments?”

The National Student Accommodation Survey found that 62% of students have undergone serious stress and suffered from bad mental health as a result of an increase in the cost of living.

The Conservative Party have failed to state any possible plans to further support students during this time of financial stress.

Truss finished her interview by saying; “I came in with very clear expectations that this was a tough time for our country, but I’m prepared to do what it takes to get us through these difficult times, to get us through this difficult winter and to come out stronger as a country.” In turn, giving hope to thousands of students, in Birmingham, and beyond, that government aid may be coming soon.

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(Written with contributions from Daisy Weston and Alice Wood)