I went to a Freshers’ Week night out as a Birmingham second year and here’s how it went

Freshers I am disappointed in you

Once you’re in second year and above at UoB it is very rare you will take the venture to Broad Street for nights out. Because why would you want to get a Bolt to the city when you have Circo and the Guild right on your doorstep once you’re in Selly?

This means that Broad Street clubs are normally crawling with freshers, especially this week as it is the official Freshers’ Week.

So me and my housemates sacrificed our Tuesday night to see what the freshers themselves and the events this year could offer.

The go-to event for the freshers seemed to be the Rosies foam party, so of course that is where I had to go, and instantly I was disappointed. The queue was only around five minutes long which for Rosies is very short, so this already showed that it was not going to be as busy as it should be for Freshers’ Week. Obviously I’m not complaining about not having to queue but it doesn’t bode well for Freshers’ Week.

My fears were confirmed when we got into the club and the Retro room wasn’t even open because it was that quiet. Instantly my night was ruined, Retro room is the best.

Even the main room wasn’t as crowded as normal, you had enough room to actually move around, which is rare for Rosies. I am disappointed in the freshers this year, they clearly aren’t committed to the every night grind.

Then came the foam… The same as every foam party ever you get so excited for all the foamy fun but it ends up being an absolute nuisance. It’s fun for about five minutes then after all the foam’s gone you’re just soaking wet and cold, and it kind of puts a downer on the rest of the night.

When the foam part of the night was done they had finally opened Retro but it was so late in the night no one really knew it was open, meaning it wasn’t busy in there. Also, the music kept stopping so it put a halt to the crazy dance moves going on.

I don’t remember being so awkward in first year, but it was like Birmingham freshers have just forgotten how to club – the dance moves I saw were less iconic and more painful.

UoB freshers please do better in the future x

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