Calling all freshers: A definitive guide to being a University of Birmingham student

Read this to survive being a student at UoB

It’s almost time to start the academic year again. This means there is going to be thousands of students coming from all over the world to start the University of Birmingham .

Birmingham is great university but there are also things you need to know to have the best time possible.

Here is a guide that all freshers (and re-freshers) need to read.

Join sports clubs

It’s very easy to become lazy once you start uni, everything is your own responsibility so no ones forcing you to get up out of bed so a sports club is a great way to make sure you get up and out.

And now for the real reason anyone joins a sports club- to get tickets to the best night of the week A.K.A sports night.

Get Fab tickets early enough

Fab is the Saturday night event for UoB students run by the Guild and it is a top tier night that everyone loves. Because of this tickets almost always sell out, and trust me, you don’t want to be stressing about finding a ticket whilst all your mates who got them early enough are having a fun pre’s.

Don’t Bolt/Uber everywhere

It is so easy to just get order a Bolt/Uber to be at your door in two minutes but these little trips will add up. So many places are walkable from Selly and first year accommodation so save your money for more important things like alcohol.

Don’t pay more than £1 for the bus

In Freshers’ week for some reason everyone seems to decide to get the bus into the city centre for their nights out and if you were none the wiser you would tap your card to get a ticket, this can cost any where between £2.50 and £4.50.

So to avoid these unnecessary spends but still get all the fresher fun of going on the bus, make sure you have a physical pound coin with you, as the bus is only one pound if you pay with a coin.

Join the Fab’n’Fresh Facebook group

So much information is posted on here, such as people last minute selling Fab and Sports Night tickets.

Join societies

At UoB there is a society for almost everything, from popular things to very niche things so there will definitely be something for you.

If you want to do the best extra-curricular activity on campus come write for us at The Birmingham Tab (shameless self-promo x).

Make friends with people in your lectures/seminars

Most freshers live on The Vale and this is at least a ten minute walk to campus, if you’re lucky enough to be in Tennis Courts, but could be up to 25 minutes if you’re in Maple Bank of Chamberlain. You don’t want to have to do the walk to campus for lectures/seminars alone, so make sure you make friends with people with similar timetables so you’ll have people to walk to campus with.

The is an Aldi in Edgbaston

No fresher knows where to do their weekly shop when you first arrive to uni in a new city, but every year freshers end up make the trek to Aldi in Selly Oak. However, if you live on The Vale you may want to consider the Aldi in Edgbaston as it is closer.

Circuit Laundry will take So much of your student loan

Find a way to not have to do your washing every week, you will have no money left by Christmas.

Watch out for second/third years

Many older students go to fresher events with the intent to ‘shark’ freshers. Don’t be a sharking victim, unless of course you do want to be a sharking victim.

Don’t agree to live the first people you get along with

Freshers are always so stressed about finding people to live with in second year that they agree to live with people they barley know, you will regret this. There is no rush, wait until you find your uni best friends, I promise you will.


Birmingham is an amazing city, so don’t fall victim to only going out in the night or just going to clubs.

Don’t stress

Everyone will tell you first year doesn’t matter and it’s true! Use this year to have as much fun as possible, as long as you’re passing your exams/coursework everything is okay.

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