Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

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A first year who forgot to take his keys to Fab used a roll of tin foil to break into his own flat.

Tennis Courts resident Sam went out expecting a normal Saturday night at Fab, but his night ended turbulently when he realised he couldn’t find his keys.

Sam then stuck his arm through his letter box while holding a roll of tin foil to push the lock from the inside.

Sam told The Tab: “If I’m honest I don’t really remember the night at Fab. I think I left at about 3.30am as it was dying down.

“I left with a few friends and went back to their flat at Tennis Court and decided to go home, but soon after I got to my door I had to go back to theirs because I realised I had no keys.”


Sam was having a mad one at Fab before disaster struck

He added: “It’s pretty annoying because this is the second time I’ve lost them in a week.”

Sam posted a plea on the Fab Facebook page which read: “I’m literally sat outside my flat with my arm stuck in the letterbox. If anyone has found my keys and has the ability to save me from this nightmare, I urge them to help me. Could not be more desperate.”

What Sam did next could only be described as an innovative stroke of VK fuelled genius.

Sam said: “I used my arm, stuck it through the letterbox holding a roll of tin foil that I borrowed from my friend’s flat.

“It took a fair amount of painful wrenching to get my arm out but I eventually got into my flat.”


Sam stuck his arm and a roll of tin foil through the letter box to unlock it

After persevering with the tin foil Sam managed to get in: “It took about 20 minutes to half an hour, as I kept having to go back to my friends flat to fetch different items to try and open the door with.”

When he got into his flat, Sam found a shiny surprise waiting for him on his bed.

“When I finally got in, my keys were on my bed the whole time. My emotions were a mixture of annoyed and very relieved.”


He never took his keys out at all

Sam has learnt his lesson and has considered investing in a bungee cord to prevent future key related mishaps.

He said: “Always keep a roll of tin foil outside your flat for key-losing-related emergencies.

“I’ll consider the bungee cord. I feel it’s worth looking like a loser to keep hold of my keys.”