night out

New £1m superclub Rosies to replace 6 On Broad Street

Goodbye 6, hello superclub

Telling us to ‘be vigilant’ isn’t enough, UoB should do more to prevent harassment in Selly

Our safety should be a priority

The Tab’s guide to a Birthday Bash in Brum

We gon’ party like it’s ya birthday

PRZYM to now open in June

£1.4 million down the line

The Tab tries ‘danger Fabbing’

Is it really that bad?

University is a waste of your time

No matter who you are, you just haven’t done it right

Clubbers of the week

Who’s had one too many?

It’s about time somebody said it: I hate Fab

We only go because it’s close

Staying until the lights come on in Fab makes the night

We’ve got no time for the people who stop drinking at 2am

The Feng does Stuesdays sober

It was part of Dry January

Walkabout is finally getting a complete makeover

There will be ‘VIP party areas’

The real dangers of Fab

It isn’t as happy as we’d all like to believe

Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

I went on a gay night out in Brum and it was fantastic

They have free pizza

Being curvy shouldn’t stop me wearing hot pants and crop tops

Just look at Tess Holliday

Rainbow is the best night out in Brum

Never Fab or Stuesdays

Second year brought his mum to Fab

She went to Ibiza for her 50th

We did a night out with the cricket team and it was insane

Sticky wicket much?

Sexual assault in Selly Oak: My lucky escape

An increase in sexual assaults means we all have to be on our guard

Six parties, one club: We tried Broad Street’s newest venue

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