All the exciting stuff you have to do in Birmingham this summer

Finally something to be excited about

If you don’t have one of these six things do you even go to UoB?

VK’s and freshers tees are definitely part of it.

Telling us to ‘be vigilant’ isn’t enough, UoB should do more to prevent harassment in Selly

Our safety should be a priority

Fab N Fresh has extended its opening hours

Viva la sesh

Everything you need to know about Fab ‘n’ Fresh

You’ll look out of place if you’re not drinking VKs

Grad Ball tickets selling for £100

Tickets are being sold for double the price

Stop blaming your ex-boyfriend

We’ve really done nothing wrong

Top typical UOB student conversations

‘Don’t talk to me about dissertations’

Facebook’s personal robot at your service

Because basketball game updates just don’t cut it

The sounds you’re most likely to hear in Selly

It’s hard to defend Selly with all THIS going on

Selly Sausage up for sale

Where are we going to get our post-Fab breakfasts now?!

The Tab tries ‘danger Fabbing’

Is it really that bad?

Trains from Selly to New Street are suffering huge delays

And taxi prices are rocketing

Nothing beats the illicit thrill of having sex in public

Get over yourselves, it’s really not that bad

My Brummie accent doesn’t make me unattractive

No, we’re not from ‘Burrrrminnnum’

It’s about time somebody said it: I hate Fab

We only go because it’s close

Long lost hat has been returned after two mischievous thieves took it

It was a series of drunken jokes and sports night antics

Why Brum will always be number one

Our clock is bigger than yours

Every girl you’ll meet in the FAB toilets

It happens every time

Where are the best places to buy booze in Selly?

Because we can’t afford to pre drink at The S’oak