Riyah Collins

Ex-Deputy Editor, The Tab Birmingham

Riyah Collins
Birmingham University


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Bruton is anything but ‘hip’

Stop comparing it to Notting Hill

Selly Sausage up for sale

Where are we going to get our post-Fab breakfasts now?!

In defence of the naked selfie

Be quiet Bette Middler

Turtle found and rescued in Selly cannabis raid

Could it possibly be Eugene?!

Trains from Selly to New Street are suffering huge delays

And taxi prices are rocketing

Clubbers of the week

Who’s had one too many?

Beggars on Broad Street found to be ‘fake’

You’ve probably been duped after Stuesdays

How much has uni aged you?

Probably more than you’d hoped

How much does it cost to fit in at Birmingham?

Someone needs to tell SFE about this

The best places to cry on campus

It’s that time of year

Rugrat Rainbow: Baby raves coming to Brum

No this is not a joke

An anti-Islam demonstration is taking place in Birmingham today

‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’ are marching through the city this afternoon

Man shot dead during attempted robbery in Digbeth

It happened last night

Masked thug ‘hacks down’ man with machete during rush-hour

Victim rushed to hospital after attack near Marston Green this morning

A Finnish newspaper just absolutely rinsed Birmingham

They called the Bullring an ‘ugly new building’

Birmingham Uni named one of Stonewall’s most ‘gay-friendly’ employers

We came 50th in their top 100 list

Walkabout is finally getting a complete makeover

There will be ‘VIP party areas’

Birmingham uni on the front line against ISIS cyber attacks

We’re basically protecting the world

Third years create rate my landlord website

It’s basically TripAdvisor for uni housing

Old Joe is a pointless eyesore on campus

What’s the hype?

Couple had paint poured over them when walking under Selly canal bridge

The culprit is still on the loose

Dawlish Road is the best road in Selly

It’s simply Daw-lightful

Free tampons removed from Guild toilets

That lasted long

Free tampons are the best thing the Guild has ever done

Big up

Free periods: Guild dishes out free tampons

This brings a whole new meaning to free bleeding

The Guild will not let you wear a sombrero this Halloween

You need to ‘dress responsibly’

A new school full of 11 year olds just opened on campus

They’ll have ‘access’ to your facilities

The Bristol Pear has been refurbished and it’s better than ever before

One of Selly’s best pubs just got even better

Fancy a pint? New halls to be built on Goose car park

Party time

World’s oldest Qur’an manuscript found at Birmingham Uni

The author could have known the Prophet Muhammad personally

Miserable uni orphans: The numbing reality of not going home for summer

You’re the next generation Tracy Beaker: Mum’s not coming

Why do we all complain about our degrees when they’re meant to be our passion?

Less than a month to go now

Being smart at school doesn’t mean you’ll be smart at uni

Hero student to zero student, it’s quite the come down

From halls to house: What to expect from the big move

There comes a time in every fresher’s life when he must choose between what is nice and what is Selly

Stop ‘wexting’, you’re doing everyone’s head in

There’s a name for people like you

Your science degree might get you a job, but it won’t give you a personality

Big up the BAs

Our ‘Not On’ campaign gets the support of local pubs

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated

First Fab, now Broad Street bores are breathalysing you on the door

Why won’t they let us have fun?

Speeding motorist spared jail after killing Birmingham fresher

Students think it’s ‘ridiculous’ the uninsured driver has got off

Misogynists like Tom are the parasites of our generation

Tom lives by the sword, and he’s going to die by the sword

Special Deliver-wee: Selly pranksters posted urine-filled condoms through my letter box

Talk about taking the piss

Selly thug who raped and kidnapped a woman has been jailed

He sexually assaulted the woman after catfishing her

Dawn of the new Snobs

Birmingham’s oldest nightclub reopened last Wednesday in a new location, but has it been reborn or lost forever?

Gorgon City to headline Freshers’ Fest

The choice of Gorgon City as this year’s Freshers ball headliners has left many first-years feeling short changed

University of the year… ranked 17th in the League Table?

Even though we’re the University of the Year, we’ve still ended up below Loughborough and Surrey…

Private School Problems: The reality of the ‘rahs’

Even though 1 in 5 of us went to Private school at UoB do we all deserve to be branded a massive poshy?