Grad Ball tickets selling for £100

Tickets are being sold for double the price

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Every year, Grad Ball is an extremely popular event and this year’s tickets haven’t failed to sell out quickly. This isn’t surprising due to the fact that tickets aren’t limited to third year students only. Additionally, students can buy up to four EVENT AND AFTER PARTY/EVENT ONLY tickets. There are four different types of tickets that were available to purchase and the EVENT ONLY ticket was the only one left that was possible to buy after the mad rush.

Many students have attempted to sell their tickets for a large profit. On the Fab page, third year student, Sevie Hurrell claimed to be selling four Event and After Party tickets for the price of £100 each. The cost of the original ticket while steep, was a much more reasonable price of £44.50 plus booking fee on the University of Birmingham, Guild of Students website.


Obviously, many people were shocked that someone would try to sell the tickets for such an extortionate amount and left outraged comments on the post. Nevertheless, it appears that people were in fact, considering to purchase these overly expensive tickets when one girl even asked if there were any tickets left.

Yet Sevie revealed that the post was in fact, a frape. He told The Tab: “I have no tickets to sell. The post on fab n fresh was a frape by my housemates while I was out playing in a rugby match”.

The result of the frape emphasises that Grad Ball tickets will continue to be difficult to get a hold of and anyone attending next year needs to ensure that they purchase their tickets as early as they can.