Megan Earl

Body under Sedona bridge identified as ASU student

He was found by hikers on Tuesday morning

American ASU alum called ‘international student’ in an article because she was wearing a hijab

‘I am highly offended by Arizona State University’s recklessness and lack of protocol in choosing media for publication’

Sexist preacher on Tempe campus said ‘screwing fraternity boys and sorority girls ruins marriage’

A male ASU student dressed in a skirt and pantyhose did the splits in response

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ASU is one of the top schools for Sugar Babies in America

The number of students seeking Sugar Daddies has hit a ten year high

Man stabbed outside Boulevard 1900 apartments on Apache

It used to be the Domain

We spoke to the guy invited to the wrong Thanksgiving by a grandma

‘The most delicious thing was the mashed potatoes’

Almost two hundred students put in hotels after Barrett floods

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ASU is the best school in Arizona, the US and probably the world

They say you can’t have it all, but we really do

Calling Gatecrasher ‘Pryzm’ won’t change a thing

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Roosters are opening a campus branch

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We played beer pong with the North American cultural society

Fun fact: Beer pong was invented in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln

Serial sex attacker banged up for 15 years

He held a gun to the victim’s head