Everything you need to know about Fab ‘n’ Fresh

You’ll look out of place if you’re not drinking VKs

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Every Saturday during term time, a group of students descend upon Edgbaston’s hottest nightclub, The Guild of Students. Here’s everything you need to know about the infamous night that is Fab ‘n’ Fresh.


Guild of Students, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Park Rd, Birmingham, B15 2TU.

Traveller types

Singletons, couples, students, party animals, friends of students from home who will get lost in Underground and many more.

I came, I danced, I consumed many VKs

Time of year

September-December, January-March, April-June. Although attendance may vary in travellers depending upon year of degree study and commitment to drinking sessions.

Traveller comments

Where are my keys?”, “My double vodka costs how much?”, “Why are the lights on? It’s only 3am?”, “Why is it more than £5 for 2 VKs?”, “I have no money left after this roosters but at least I can walk home”.


This is situated in the basement of the Guild. Underground caters to the music tastes of grime, rap, hip hop lovers everywhere. Underground boasts not only the biggest dancefloor in Fab but also the most noticeable lack of lighting of anywhere in the world of Nightclubs. However, it does have a fairly well staffed bar where you can normally get served quicker than upstairs. A must check out seeing as it’s about 10ft away from the main toilets anyway.

Scenes Central

Main floor

On the main floor we have the smoking area, infamous for its level of slurred conversations and prime viewing of the lovely Guild security chucking many waved individuals out.

Meanwhile, in Joe’s Bar one can find a very large bar with a very large wait to get served due to the perpetual desire to buy VKs amongst your fellow clubbers. Playing a variety of popular music and cheesy classics, Joe’s is the place to be at the end of the night when you will be treated to some mixture of Robbie Williams, the Killers or Oasis as you are ushered out towards the Selly strip of Bristol Road.

Here we see Joe’s bar in its natural habitat

The First Floor

Finally we have the first floor. The brilliance of this floor is directly related to whether the Gods have decided they’re putting on the Silent Disco. If the Silent Disco is on then you can find many drunken individuals dancing around in a quiet room with headphones on in what can seem eerie to those unfamiliar to Fab but what is recognised as a Fab institution and just a medium of enjoying the night to Fab veterans.

It is also host to the Beorma Bar which often gets overlooked for the Deb Hall if Silent Disco is on. Sorry Beorma, we love you really.

You can never have too many bars in Fab


Price/Value: 2/5.  It’s really not cheap especially when you consider it’s a student union, plus the £5 card minimum, but our reviewers felt it was worth it generally. (The secret is the £9.15 bottles of Rose wine – drink at your own peril though)

Location: 5/5. You don’t have to get a uber from the Vale or Selly, you can just walk.

Music: 4/5.  There is a wide variety. It also depends on silent disco but generally alot can be found so one should find something that they love.

Overall: 3.5/5.  We love Fab and there are very few who seem to hate it but compared to Vodbull £2.50 double vodkas we find it hard sometimes to check our bank accounts after a Fab n Sesh. Would be 5/5 if it wasn’t over £5.50 for 2 VKs and upwards of £4 for double spirit mixers.