Long lost hat has been returned after two mischievous thieves took it

It was a series of drunken jokes and sports night antics

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After the recent Tab campaign on the Fab and Fresh group, fourth year Olivia Scott has finally been reunited with her beloved hat.

She posted the following update: “Peace has been restored and all is good in the world again. The hat stealing culprits have returned the hat to its rightful owner.

“Many thanks Ella and Hattie for being good human beings.  Also special mention to Feng for leading the campaign to get it back for me.  Couldn’t have done this without you.

“Would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the last few days.  It’s been tough, but I’ve got through it thanks to you.”

Reunited with her beloved hat

The hat thieves, Ella Stoddart and Hattie Leventhal, finally came forward yesterday with information regarding the hat.

They said: “What began as an innocent series of jokes and drunken sports night antics, soon escalated into an almost criminal game of theft.

“This proceeded to our collection of six hats in this obsessive and addictive game. In our crazed states, tainted with VKs, we couldn’t stop ourselves. It is our every intention to return the hat safely to you, provided that you meet our requests.”

The hat thieves have come forward

They then proceeded to request the following ransom for the hat: “A can of Irn Bru, a bag of Blue Doritos, a white KitKat Chunky and face wipes.”

Whatever happened afterwards, all we know is that Olivia has finally got her hat back. Many thanks to all of who helped in the campaign to return it.