Can you help this distraught fourth year find her beloved BCN hat?

It was ruthlessly stolen from her on Sports Night

Fourth year Film and Television MA student Olivia Scott has lost her beloved hat at Sports Night this Wednesday while wearing it in the club.

She had only had the hat for six days before it was tragically stolen from her head while she danced to Justin Bieber.

In her attempt to find the missing hat, Olivia posted on the Fab and Fresh group in the hope that someone may have picked it up by chance.

Olivia posted: “Whilst many of you were innocently sipping on your VKs and dancing to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ at Sports Night last night (Wednesday, 10th February 2016) one certain individual robbed me of my new Barcelona baseball cap.

“This hat has only been in my possession for 6 days. That’s right, not even a week. I would really like it back as I spent all of 5 euros and 90 cents on it on a recent trip to Barcelona and it was a nice souvenir. Without this hat I cannot be the basic bitch I aspire to be.”

She offered “£2.75 and a Toffee Crisp” as a reward.

Olivia had only had the beaut hat for six days

Olivia told The Tab: ” This hat means a lot to me, I got it when I went to visit a friend in Barcelona on her year abroad, so it really commemorated the occasion.

“Sadly that was only its second outing, and so I am really sad that I didn’t manage to get my money’s worth out of it and would have liked to have worn it a lot more.

“Obviously it’s a very stylish hat and so I’m sad that someone gets to now wear it who isn’t me.

“It happened so fast that it felt like my life flashed before my eyes.”

The lost hat

The Tab wishes Olivia the best of luck with finding the hat, and if you know of its whereabouts please get in touch with her as soon as possible.