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UoB is one of the top 10 most active unis on Bumble

We were ranked sixth in the UK

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Rainbow will be closing for good

It was deemed too dangerous to remain open

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Stop what you’re doing, you can get free Greggs in Birmingham today

Christmas has finally arrived

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Nazi imitators at Snobs leave fellow clubbers disgusted and offended

They were photographed doing the Nazi salute

Here’s everything you need to know about being a fresher in Birmingham

The most trusted guide there is

New £1m superclub Rosies to replace 6 On Broad Street

Goodbye 6, hello superclub

Why getting ready is obviously the best part to any night out

I’m not vain, it’s true

Deadlines nearly killed me

Why leaving assignments until the last minute isn’t a joke

What is going through your mind when you’re watching Love Island?

Series three is already taking over my life

UoB students tell us who they’re going to vote for in tomorrows election

The answers were mixed

The Conservatives are unlikely to gain any seats in Birmingham

YouGov reports Tories won’t gain a single seat

The new sports centre finally opened and it did not disappoint


UOB students reveal their experiences with study drugs

The Tab decided to seek out those who turned to study drugs to bag success

How to vote as a UoB student

Register to vote by the 22nd May

Charlie and the Funk Factory returns to Selly Oak

Their biggest public gig will be at The Indie Lounge

Having depression doesn’t have to become part of your identity

Depression should not determine how we live our lives

The very best snaps of UoB’s dissertation hand-ins

Here it is, this year’s dissertation pic round up

Final year Economics students had ‘unanswerable’ questions in their exam

Half of the questions didn’t make sense

Fire erupts in Bullring shopping centre and damages thousands of pounds worth of jewellery

The top floors of the shopping centre had to be temporarily evacuated

How to discreetly have a breakdown in the library

Will these books hide my tears?