Why Brum will always be number one

Our clock is bigger than yours

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Let’s be honest, Birmingham is one of the best places in the UK. It’s the second largest city and host to five different universities – it’s even the Curry Capital.

UoB boasts one of the country’s prettiest campuses, and while supposedly being based in a “concrete jungle”, we’re based away from the city centre meaning we have beautiful green grounds on our doorstep. Brum is without a doubt the best place to study in the country and offers an experience like no other. It should always be your first choice, and here’s why.

Old Joe

Bigger than Big Ben you know

The beast that is Old Joe. We actually have the tallest freestanding clock tower in the world. Yes, that’s right – move over Big Ben, Brum takes the lead here.  Joe allows for easy navigation on campus, and he’s also a constant reminder that you’re late to your lectures.

Seen from the dark depths of Selly Oak, the campus landmark is a great addition to the Birmingham skyline, and is always there to welcome you back to Brum after a long break at home.


In the cloakroom queue and already on that VK hype X

Fab is love. Fab is life. Every Saturday night, if you are fortunate enough to have obtained a ticket merely hours before, we flock in our drunken states to the Guild for a night of fun, frolicks and foolishness. With £2.50 bombs, £2.75 VKS and an endless supply of absolute bangers both in Joe’s Bar and the Underground, Fab NEVER disappoints. No ticket? No problem. Danger Fab it – get in at 10pm and start steaming off a bottle of wine and endless VKs, with a bunch of gr8 m8s. Big up.

The Vale

Only a short walk away from the main campus, we have the beautiful student village of the Vale. Set around a picturesque lake, the Vale boasts accommodation for thousands of students, catering for all budgets, from Maple Bank to Chamberlain. It has a very “village” feel to it, as if you’re in your own little student bubble, set away from Birmingham’s bustling city centre, to make your transition from home life to university super smooth. Oh and it’s unbelievably pretty in the snow!

Can’t complain

The Bullring

A five minute journey on the train, 15 on the bus, who wouldn’t want to be within reaching distance of one of the UK’s best shopping centres? With over 160 shops catering for every student’s needs, it makes Birmingham desirable for both local and international students, as you will never get bored. What’s even better is it’s open until 8pm, for those lazy students who can’t get out of bed until mid-afternoon. Plus we have two Five Guys – if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

The Bristol Pear

Selly Oak is home to a wonderful supply of pubs, serving the best burgers and the cheapest pints. Feeling peckish? Hit the Bristol Pear for a fat Bristol Pear Burger and you will be more than satisfied, trust me. The Pear has charger ports, big working areas and pool tables – making it the perfect remedy for a chilled, work-related gathering with friends.

Broad Street

Broad Street is home to some of the best clubs in Brum. From Players to Snobs, Mechu to Mooch, it caters to everyone’s needs – there’s a night out for everyone in Brum basically. There’s a lot of trouble, but hey, you get that everywhere. Cheap drinks, banging music, close friends and dirty takeaways – you could not ask for more.


You’re stumbling in from a rogue Fab at 3am, you’re feeling fragile and hungry. Who’s there to have your back? Roosters. No matter what you fancy, Selly has it. The classic Roosters Number 1 hits the spot every time. Feeling fragile in the morning? No worries! Head back there again and stuff your face with the best hangover cure ever. Roosters never disappoints.

Banging music everywhere you go

Birmingham is famous for its music scene, from small bars like the Sunflower Lounge and the Rainbow to pubs and clubs, and even bigger venues like the Barclaycard Arena – whatever takes your fancy, you can get it in Birmingham. Worried about getting a train back? No worries! Sort yourself an Uber for £6 and you’re back to your front door in less than 10 minutes. Oh and all the biggest artists come to Birmingham, because, well, it’s great.

With all of these incredible reasons to choose Brum as your number one, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t.