Nothing beats the illicit thrill of having sex in public

Get over yourselves, it’s really not that bad

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For any couple engaging in public sex, at the time, it is far from a bad thing. This kind of sex has all the fun of normal rumpy-pumpy, but with the added illicit bonus of the danger element. Everyone is still talking about the Fab-gate knowing it’s something special. You take the plunge, knowing that at any moment your secret shagging might be interrupted and exposed by a passer-by. This knowledge gets more than just your heart rate going. If anything, it means you make the most of every naughty moment in the uncertainty that every thrust could be your last.

Best Sex of their lives?

Best Sex of their lives?

An offer of public sex is also the ultimate compliment to your physical worth. If someone is so overwhelmed by your fitness they can’t wait the 10 minute walk from Fab to Selly to bed you, you know that you are doing something right. And if the feeling of sexual impatience is mutual then why not succumb to temptation?

Public sex is a declaration of instant drunken passion, without the morning after embarrassed hangover. It saves any awkward “yours or mine?” conversations or any nasty shocks when you see your lover in the light of day the next morning. Public sex is the ultimate no strings attached sex where everyone ends up being able to sleep in their own bed and knows that both breakfast and long-term commitment is off the menu. It’s brilliant in every way.

We can judge the Fab Shaggers’ antics as much as we like, but the truth is they probably had a far better night than any of their haters. And quite frankly, they got away with no punishment. They remain anonymous even though they managed to achieve a level of animal magnetism and adrenaline that probably made for the best sex of their lives. That, surely, makes the risk worth it.

The rest of us can only look on at the pics of their revels with green eyes because, really, how likely is it really you will ever exchange glances across the Fab floor and become so entranced that immediate, mad and passionate pubic sex becomes the only option? In the sex game who dares wins – and public sex is the ultimate triple win: great sex, an ego boost and no morning after consequences – unless you are stupid enough to let someone photograph it.