Holly Chadley

Man arrested in Brum following the Westminster attack

The 30-year-old was arrested yesterday

Student’s Macbook stolen in new library

‘Three other laptops were left unattended but only mine disappeared’

Anti-Trump Muslim Ban protest in Brum today

From 6-8pm

Police issue public alert after man tries to hug random women in Selly

Be careful guys

Brum is ranked one of the most neighbourly cities in the UK

Who knew Brummies were so friendly?

Uni isn’t the only option: An interview with actor Grace Hogg-Robinson

Helicopter stunts and dramatic chase sequences are certainly more exciting than a 2:1

A letter to my 16 year-old self

You know one day you’ll have to wash up your plates everyday?

Cheeky Joe’s is by far the best takeaway in Selly

Your hungover self will love you for it

If you don’t spend your loan on travelling, you’re doing uni wrong

It’ll look good on your CV too

The Tab tries ‘danger Fabbing’

Is it really that bad?

High Wycombe is the best town in Bucks and probably the UK

Nothing else really compares

Why couldn’t the couple having sex in Fab wait until they got home?

It really isn’t that hard

Doing coursework will always be better than sitting exams

If only you’d realised this at the start of the year

Here’s why pole fitness is a real sport

It’s more physically demanding than ‘male’ sports

We caught a man trying to masturbate outside our Selly home

Close your blinds on Hubert Road

Forget Fab, Pryzm is the future of Birmingham’s nightlife

Why go anywhere else?