Cheeky Joe’s is by far the best takeaway in Selly

Your hungover self will love you for it

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As students, we try our best to be healthy and plan meals for the week. But that goes straight out the window when someone mentions a takeaway. It’s hard enough to resist a pizza or Chinese, let alone desserts. But if you’re okay with consuming your daily calorie allowance in puddings, nothing beats a good Cheeky Joe’s.

If you are a chocoholic, this dessert parlour is the place for you. Fancy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange milkshake? Or how about a Ferrero Rocher sundae? Think of any chocolate you love, and the chances are, they’ll have it. They even sell smoothies too. But lets face it – if you’re going to be ordering a Cheeky Joe’s, you have to go hard or go home. Being healthy shouldn’t come into consideration here. Besides, everyone should get a treat once in a while.

Heaven in dessert form

This place serves the best hangover cure – ice-cream always makes everything better. Plus, if you’ve had a Roosters in the early hours of the morning, you can just admit that today is going to be your unhealthy day.

You can go to the store to sit and enjoy your hot cookie dough, or even get it delivered. If you are hungover, the latter option is a godsend. Who wouldn’t want to spent the day after a wild one watching Netflix with a Cheeky Joe’s? I do it all the time, and it makes my uni life that much better.

That one time you make it into the store

Yes, it’s the lazy option as the dessert parlour is bang in the middle of Selly – a short walk away for us Brum students. But who cares when it’s that good? If you want to shamelessly indulge in the comfort of your own home it truly is the best. We’re all partial to a good desert now and then – surely it’s so much better to have something healthy for your main meal instead of a dirty Roosters, and then enjoy the wonders of a beautiful desert from Cheeky Joe’s. What could be better than laying in bed eating ice-cream? The answer is nothing.

You can rely on them to deliver on time and no, the ice-cream hasn’t melted when it gets to your door. The puddings are so filling, they are the perfect alternative to a bog standard takeaway. At the end of the day, this stuff actually tastes nice. It’s not like you have to force down any undercooked chicken and cold chips. So the next time you order something, remember, nothing beats a good dessert from Cheeky Joe’s.