Calling Gatecrasher ‘Pryzm’ won’t change a thing

You’ll still be waiting around in that weird lobby for a shit night

Russell Group students need to get off their high horse

Just like the bitchy table at high school, nobody actually likes us

I am so tired of ironic sexism

It’s not banter

What would Kanye West do as a Brum student?

Cause absolute chaos?

Selly Oak is a dump and it’s all our fault

There, I said it

Uni is the best time to be in a relationship

Wouldn’t you rather be taken bacon than single pringle?

Our toaster was stolen after a house party

Is it in a butter place now?

Stop pretending to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

It’s beyond a joke

Mason and Jarratt students swapped halls for a night

It was a real struggle

Ferris wheel built in Dudley branded the worst tourist attraction in Britain

‘There’s nothing to see’

University is the best time to be single

Being single doesn’t make you a loser, it makes you a legend

There’s a Harry Potter society in Birmingham

Yes, it exists

Cheeky Joe’s is by far the best takeaway in Selly

Your hungover self will love you for it

The battle of Selly’s three best chicken shops

Because apparently Roosters isn’t the only one

Birmingham ranked in the top 10 cities for happiness and safety

We knew it was amazing here

Clubbers of the week

Good hustle guys

How to avoid a hangover

This will change your life

Everyone who irritates us in the library

Because there’s always one

Can you get away with wearing leggings everyday?

Done right, yes you can

Women should definitely be granted period leave

We need menstruating circumstances