High Wycombe is the best town in Bucks and probably the UK

Nothing else really compares

The chances are, if you don’t live in the county of Buckinghamshire, you won’t have heard of High Wycombe. But we can’t blame you – it’s ever so fascinating history of chair-making never put the town on the map. But for us locals there’s so many positives outsiders overlook. Wycombe is actually a great place to live. Here’s why.

He loves it

The countryside is on our doorstep

So much green even though we’re right next to the M40

In recent years, Wycombe’s had quite the make-over with the Eden Centre and Leisure Centre. Yet the greenery hasn’t disappeared. You are spoilt for choice on parks and walks which are only a short distance from your front door – discovering these is part of the beauty of living in Wycombe. Nothing else compares.

But we’re the perfect distance from London

Wycombe is a 30 minute direct train ride to London. We love our capital, and visit it frequently, but after a long day visiting museums and shopping, it’s nice to return to our chilled home-town. Yes, Wycombe isn’t a quiet town – the centre of Wycombe is full of teens on awkward dates at weekends – but you never feel claustrophobic like you can in cities.

We love the rare moments when Wycombe get’s a shout out in a film or documentary

Wycombe station, as seen briefly on ‘The World’s End’

Wycombe isn’t very famous and so we get excited whenever it has it’s spot in the limelight. We particularly love it when the town’s name features on BBC South’s weather map on the odd occasion. Hearing a contestant from The Chase or Britain’s Got Talent saying they’re from High Wycombe is also a joyous occasion.

We have some of the most beautiful old buildings in the country

It’s like a walk down history lane.

We have the best celebs ever

A string of celebs were born and bred here. Comedians James Corden and Jimmy Carr, chef Heston Blumenthal and even an actor who was once the Doctor on Doctor Who were all born here. This alone shows that Wycombe is more than capable of producing talented, if slightly quirky, individuals.

Wycombe’s main ‘club’ Yates can be a great laugh

Before the drinking commenced

Yates is rarely anyone’s first choice for a night out, but really, what other choices are there? A 40 minute queue into O’Neills where your mum goes for drinks? I’m good thanks. Yates isn’t classy and it’s guaranteed to be a messy night. Night here are always the best. Got kicked out but can come back in if you prove to the bouncer you can walk around outside sober? Challenge accepted.

You get to decide whether it will be Dennis’ or Charlie’s

One of the best parts of your night out in Wycombe is going to the only two burger vans in town. Parked opposite each other, you get to decided where you are going to buy your cheesy chips from. There may be little difference between the two but having the power while you’re drunk to decide which place you will be parting your money with feels amazing.

Our football team do us proud

We all love and support Wycombe Wanderers – our football team owned by the fans. Games are always exciting and you’re guaranteed great atmosphere at Adams Park. While we narrowly avoided relegation on the last day of the 2013/14 season, we went on to narrowly missing out on a place in League One after falling short on penalties at Wembley. Regardless of where Wycombe place we will always support our Chairboys. COYB!

It’s perfect for pub golf

Round One

While we may not have decent clubs, we have so many pubs you’re spoilt for choice. They’re close to each other, decent priced and have a good atmosphere. This makes them great for meeting with home mates in, although you do end up sticking to your favourite pub, ordering the same 2-for-1 purple rain pitchers. This also makes Wycombe the perfect town for pub golf.

You can always rely on the ice-cream lady at the Rye

Every time you visit the Rye on a warm day, without a fail, the ice-cream lady will be there, in her ice-cream truck by the bridge. You don’t really converse with her much, but you know she will be there at the ready to give you your 99 Flake.

There’s the gem that is West Wycombe

View from the Mausoleum next to the Golden Ball

There’s not much there except for an old sweet shop, the Golden Ball and the Hell Fire Caves. But it’s a nice change from Wycombe and there’s nice walks there too. It will always be so many people’s family favourite.

Nothing beats the McDonalds’ drive thru

Wycombe has had a McDonald’s in the town centre for years. But it has always competed against KFC, Subway and Greggs. That is until the second McDonald’s in town was built. As Wycombe’s first ever drive thru, it is the place to go if you want food on the move at anytime of the day. Being lazy just got easier – but we love it. The saver menu plus eating on the go is the true perk of living in Wycombe.